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A truly spectacular show on River Mersey today. The sun shining on the 3 Queens. We can do great river shows in the …https://t.co/8185lL6ETO
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What if the Hokey Cokey really is what it's all about?
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If you work for the NHS then why not take part in this challenge to walk a collective 50,000 miles. We are starting in July 2012. How long will it take us to reach that target? Well if approximately 1/3 of all staff record their miles on the Walk4Life site then we should easily meet that challenge in no time at all... Let's walk ! To join the challenge as a group see the document area for instructions !


0 miles
50,000.00 miles

Join Challenge

Either you are not an administrator of any groups or all your groups are already taking part in this challenge. You will be joining this challenge as an individual.

The total miles walked for this sponsored challenge is 32,092.97 miles. Only 17,907.03 miles left.

This challenge is for staff from the NHS. If you work for the NHS why not sign up? You can either sign up as an individual and join the NHS group, or why not create your own group and see if you can reach the top of the leader board ?

top groups

ESHT Staff Walking Group

ESHT Staff Walking Group

ESHT Staff Walking Group have contributed 6,187.81 miles to the challenge

Torbay and Southern Devon Care Trust

Torbay and Southern Devon Care Trust

Torbay and Southern Devon Care Trust have contributed 5,994.68 miles to the challenge

HiP Squad

HiP Squad

HiP Squad have contributed 5,442.48 miles to the challenge

Sussex Partnership Challenge

Sussex Partnership Challenge

Sussex Partnership Challenge have contributed 4,358.73 miles to the challenge

NHS 2012

NHS 2012

NHS 2012 have contributed 3,962.02 miles to the challenge


We have written a quick guide for NHS teams if you need help signing up to the challenge. email websupport@walk4life.info and we will send you back the step-by-step help!

master 24.01.2012

Thanks for the feedback, I thought the login was automatic, as I joined through this page. Never mind, we are signed up now and despite the lost miles walked so far, we are on our way to competing with the leaders. Its a shame more NHS organisations are not on board yet!

East_Sussex_Healthcare_Trust 30.10.2011

You can now add your miles to your profile without creating your route on the site . We know this was something that was requested by NHS groups. Just go to Track My Progress page and click the Input Activity button on the left to get to the correct page.

master 17.10.2011

I'm glad you mentioned this - we have looked into it, and noticed that although you are doing your own challenge you haven't signed up to the overall NHS challenge. You are not the only NHS group to do this - so please everyone make sure your group has signed up to the national challenge as well as to your own local ones, or your miles won't count toward the national total !

master 10.10.2011

Hi - this is a bit confusing - we'll have a look and work out what has happened. The Walk4Life team.

master 10.10.2011

Hi, well done everyone.
I am confused, as we have signed up for the NHS Challenge, and we have logged over 400 miles, but we are not showing on the leader board, can someone advise why that might be? East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust 2012 Challenge.

East_Sussex_Healthcare_Trust 09.10.2011

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