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Join us on a free led walk 27/09. The Elegance of the Regency. Little Venice to Camden with one our excellent guides. http://t.co/eJdYyY1lX8
12 hours 47 min ago
Free led walk on 27th September - MI5 , MI6 and so much more...Learn all about the 'Great Stink' ! http://t.co/o6ycIkNpwY
13 hours 24 min ago

Walk London challenges you to submit your miles to the walk equivalent the total length of the seven magnificent Walk London walks... AND back again TWICE ! - that's the LOOP Walk at 304 miles, the Capital Ring Walk at 156 miles, the Green Chain Walk at 100 miles, the Lea Valley Walk which is 36 miles long, the 80 miles of the Thames Path Walk, the Jubilee Walkway at 30 miles and the 74 mile long Jubilee Greenway Walk - a grand total of 1560 miles!


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1,560.00 miles

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Walk London

Walk London

Walk London have contributed 838.24 miles to the challenge

Migraine Walkers

Migraine Walkers

Migraine Walkers have contributed 750.63 miles to the challenge

Friends of the Jubilee Greenway

Friends of the Jubilee Greenway

Friends of the Jubilee Greenway have contributed 113.47 miles to the challenge

RSPCA dog owners club

RSPCA dog owners club

RSPCA dog owners club have contributed 67.98 miles to the challenge

Walk Unlimited

Walk Unlimited

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I am a serial walker!!

I will post the numbers, but it will take some time. Suffice to say I have done these miles & then some!

IanAdam 24.08.2013

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The Jubilee Greenway has 10 sections to explore - take a look at the section 1 map or download the pdf directions.

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The LOOP Walk
43.75 % (7 votes)
The Capital Ring Walk
12.5 % (2 votes)
The Green Chain Walk
0 % (0 votes)
The Lea Valley Walk
6.25 % (1 vote)
The Thames Path Walk
31.25 % (5 votes)
The Jubilee Walkway
6.25 % (1 vote)
The Jubilee Greenway Walk
0 % (0 votes)
Total votes: 16
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