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@RoloHound Hi Rolo, we're sorry to tell you but we've discontinued Pedigree Joint Care & it is no longer available
14 hours 1 min ago
@likesohushhush Is this the one you're after Chris? https://t.co/WqUER9p0EX
15 hours 26 min ago

Join the Walkies group and contribute your miles to the challenge. When group members have walked 10,000 miles between them we'll give £500 to the Pedigree Adoption Drive. We have already contributed over £3,000 to charity for the miles walked in the last challenges. Why not help us raise the same amount again ?


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10,000.00 miles

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The total miles walked for this sponsored challenge is 6,875.72 miles. Only 3,124.28 miles left.

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Pedigree Walkies

Pedigree Walkies

Pedigree Walkies have contributed 4,901.83 miles to the challenge

RSPCA dog owners club

RSPCA dog owners club

RSPCA dog owners club have contributed 1,213.01 miles to the challenge

Heddon Wildflower Walkers

Heddon Wildflower Walkers

Heddon Wildflower Walkers have contributed 180.46 miles to the challenge

General Mills

General Mills

General Mills have contributed 141.08 miles to the challenge



1u FITNESS WALK CHALLENGE have contributed 0.00 miles to the challenge


I need help, how do you add walks?

Weallstink 28.03.2012

I love looking at the photos of other people's dogs ... Dibley looks lovely !

Annie_C 21.10.2011

It's great to know that the miles i log on the site are helping raise money for charity . Thanks Pedigree .

Amanda 22.09.2011

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Dog of the Month: Finn

Finn is a 3 year old Red Merle Border Collie who loves running around.  Although he lives in Yorkshire one of his favourite holiday walks is on the Isle of Wight.
Click here to see Finn's favourite walk.

Would you like your dog to be Dog of the month?

Why not send in a photo with your dog's name and a link to your dog's favourite walk.

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